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Commerical Pool Ideas


Commercial swimming pools are different from residential pools in many ways, though water chemistry is generally the same. The differences are mostly in the types of equipment and health code standards needing to be met. This article explains the distinctions between different types of commercial pools.

In general, the aquatics industry distinguishes types of pools based on their location, size, type of use, and quality of construction. We personally like to organize commercial pools into four tiers, but not everyone does.


Tier 1: Aquatics Venues like waterparks, Olympic-sized competition pools made for hosting championship swim meets, and resorts.

Tier 2: Competition pools, lap pools, splash pads, swim schools, recreational centers like YMCAs, private health clubs and municipal aquatics facilities.

Tier 3: Community centers/HOAs, seasonal outdoor public pools without large slides and attractions.

Tier 4: "HMAC" pools, which stands for Hotel, Motel, Apartment complexes and Condos. These are commercial pools that tend to be the size of residential pools and use a lot of the same type of equipment. They tend to have lower bather loads on average, but occasionally see very high use in short periods of time.

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