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Outdoor Kitchen Ideas


We know it’s been really hot in the Atlanta Metro area.  Beautiful, warm days and crisp mornings and nights lend to the perfect time of year to entertain outdoors. With the shift in weather comes a lot of calls asking us about building an outdoor entertaining space: specifically, outdoor kitchens are on the rise. Here are a few of our favorite outdoor kitchen ideas that make us want to live outside. 


The Basics

Usually, people like to start with a basic outdoor kitchen package before choosing upgrades and extras. The most popular item that people request in their outdoor kitchen, is, understandably, a built-in gas grill. This is followed closely by:

Access doors - Some people like to add a door/drawer combo underneath the grill instead of access doors to gain some enclosed storage drawers for their utensils, gloves, cleaning supplies, etc. 

A side burner - These are great for sautéing veggies, heating something up, boiling water, or anything you might use your indoor stove for. 

A mini refrigerator -  This is super convenient to have by your grill so you don’t have to keep running back into the house for something that needs to stay chilled, such as drinks, sides, desserts, or condiments!

A trash bin - A roll-or-tilt-out trash bin keeps your trash can handy when you need it, but allows it to tuck back away to keep the flies and other bugs away. 

Now that we’ve covered the basics for your outdoor kitchen, let’s talk our favorite upgrades and design ideas!

Built-In Ice maker - Why buy bags of ice when you can make your own ice cubes? Much like the convenience of an indoor fridge with a built-in ice maker, adding one to your outdoor kitchen makes it easy to cool down drinks and add the luxury of ice cubes to you and your guests’ drinks.

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